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James Lee Nursery School

Proposed Federation

Proposal to federate Bayonne and James Lee Nursery Schools with Melcombe Primary School


The respective headteachers of the Bayonne and James Lee Federated Nursery Schools and Melcombe Primary school, Patricia Logan and Wayne Leeming, along with the governors of the schools, have been considering the benefits of a closer working relationship. They have agreed that it will be in the best interests of the schools to ‘federate’ under one governing body and one headteacher with effect from 1 September 2019.

The proposals set out in more detail the nature and benefits of federating and you are invited to comment or ask questions as part of the consultation.



We are very pleased to announce that the governors of the Bayonne and James Lee Federation and the governors of Melcombe Primary School have agreed to federate the three schools. The proposal is that this will take place from the 1st September 2019. 

 After many months of discussion between the head teachers and the governors of the schools, it was agreed on Monday 10th December at a Full Governing Body meeting of the Bayonne & James Lee Federation and a Full Governing Body of Melcombe Primary School that the proposed federation of our three schools should go ahead. There will now be a period of consultation which will end on Friday 1st February 2019. 

The proposal is that the leadership team of Melcombe Primary will take over the leadership of Bayonne and James Lee Nursery Schools. This will mean that the federation will consist of three nurseries, James Lee, Bayonne and Melcombe, and the primary school, all under the leadership of the Head Teacher of Melcombe who will become the Head Teacher of the new federation.


The governors of the federation and the governors of Melcombe also made the following points:

  1. A federation between the schools will lead to exciting opportunities to the benefit of the school communities and the wider local community
  2. It brings together very successful organisations to create a strong centre of good practice in the area
  3. It would secure nursery school provision in a sustainable fashion
  4. It would create a secure, stable learning structure providing more opportunities for a seamless transition between pre-school, nursery and reception
  5. It will have professional and career benefits for staff 


If any parent, carer, member of staff or anyone in our school community and even beyond it would like to make a comment, suggestion or have a say, this would be very warmly welcomed. Please e-mail these to  The consultation period will end at midday on Friday 1st February 2019.


If you would like to read the proposal sent by the governors to the borough and the Secretary of State, please follow the link below:

Federation Proposals