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James Lee Nursery School

Eco School

James Lee Nursery received a ‘Bronze Award’ from Eco School to recognise the achievement in working towards a sustainable lifestyle!

James Lee has now got an Eco-Committee consisting of children and adults that meets at least once a term. Its members have completed an Environmental Review covering the Eco-Schools topics: energy, litter, waste/recycling, water, transport, healthy living, bio-diversity, school grounds and global citizenship. The Eco-committee has produced and action plan, influenced by the Environmental Review, and is now working towards achieving its goals. The environmental issues are being covered within the curriculum work and there is a designated notice board detailing Eco-Schools activities.

The children are already getting involved in various Eco School topics:

Reducing Energy

November is “Switch off” month. The whole nursery has been involved in turning off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment. One child wrote a sign “Please switch off the lights” and these have been put around the nursery.


Groups of children and staff have been to visit the Wandsworth Recycling Centre. Two visits have been arranged this term and more dates are booked for next year. This trip gives an introduction into Recycling for the children, and is also very thought provoking for the adults.

We have set up a small Recycling box in reception for batteries (please make sure they are not leaking), ink cartridges and ink toners.

Liz from the Wandsworth Recycling Centre came to the nursery to show children how to make paper.


We are collecting natural materials to develop a “Bug Hotel” in the garden and we have purchased a wormery. The children under supervision deposit fruit skins and bits of left over salad from lunch into the wormery and hopefully in return we can get compost to enrich the soil.